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    "Disaster" recovery -- finding devices after software reset


      I have three SOLO units wired into a netblock at home, all of which were statically configured (IP and port number).  I was able to access all three via the desktop SlingPlayer software installed on a PC at home -- in a separate netblock.  Now on the other side of the country, I attempted to access one of them via the web player plugin.  I've seen this before when setting up new units, but this seems to have sent a signal to all three units -- since they were all in my directory -- that "borks" the static setup I had...and now I can't connect to any of them.


      My guess is that I'm screwed for the rest of the trip and will have to set them all up again when I get home, but can anyone point me to documentation on how the units reset themselves when there are multiple devices on a single subnet?