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    Boxee Box Error


      Hello, I am trying using my Slingbox with Boxee.   I get this error when trying to stream:


      HTTP Error

      Error loading source IR controls. (code:15)


      Anybody knows how this can be fixed?




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          I am still experiencing problems connecting to my Slingbox via Boxee.   The same Slingbox is accessible just fine via my PC on the same network.   I have tried connecting my Boxee both via wireless and ethernet.  I wonder if there is some firewall/port that I need to configure on my router.

          Apart from the error listed in my previous post, I have seen the following errors.   


          1. Connection Timed Out

          Unable to connect to Slingbox.  Please check that your Slingbox is on and connected to the network.  Then try again.  (code: 10003)


          2. Connection Lost

          Unable to connect to Slingbox.  Please check that your Slingbox is on and connected to the network.  Then try again. (code:24)


          This error (#2 above) comes up after the Boxee seems to connect at first, displays a blank screen and then shows up the error.

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              reznacz Newbie

              I also get the error 10003! If port forwarding is disabled on the source router, it then works, Boxee can connect to the remote slingbox.

              And yes, the port forwarding is set correctly on the router and it works fine on a PC with Slig player for Windows or the web...


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              Hi rahulblr,


              It seems that you are having some issues in order to get the SlingPlayer for Boxee box up and running.


              As the first step, I recommend you to verify if your Slingbox is properly set up for Internet Viewing. If not, make sure to set it up and test the connection from different location.


              Internet Viewing for Slingbox PRO-HD


              Once you finish this process, make sure to test the connection running the SlingPlayer for Boxee box application and let us know how it works.



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                I have a very similiar problem and have tried to get help from both Boxee Box and Sling support.


                i have a new Boxee box that has SlingPlayer app ver 1.3. The Boxee remote controls for channel change, DVR and guide generally do not work. The channel change will work initially, but once a channel is selected for a period of time, the channel request will not be honored by the slingbox. I have to exit the app and restart... this happens continuously.  i get various error codes (#2, #27) from within the Slingplayer app.

                the other apps on the Boxee box work fine... just not the Slingplayer.


                Further, the DVR controls like FF/RW do not work at all. The command appears to process on the Boxee box/Slingplayer app (in the upper right hand corner), but then nothing happens until a Slingplayer error code generates, and again i have to exit the app and restart.


                The Slingbox Pro HD is working fine using my MAC (OS 10.7.4) using slingbox.com. all controls work fine.

                it seems like there is a problem with the Slingplayer app on the the Boxee Box

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                    I have this exact problem. I reported it to Boxee, but haven't gotten a fix yet. Have you had any luck?

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                        No joy after more than a month.  D-Link says is is a Slingplayer problem (app error) and Slingbox says it is a D-lInk issue.  Classic lack-of-support, finger pointing nonsense.  I can't even get the Boxee Box to connect to the Slingplayer any more... always get 10003 error, even though the Slingbox works fine form my Mac.  I am really disappointed in both the BoxeeBox and Slingplayer... neither are ready form prime time or people's money.


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                            This seems to have fixed the Boxee box problem...


                            Slingbox Helpdesk was no help as I waited for over an hour on hold and gave up… Sunday afternoon in August.


                            My home router is a Mac Time Capsule with the Router inside and this “Setup Internet Viewing” can only be performed on the home network where the Slingbox is located… even though the problem manifests when you are viewing in a remote location.


                            Go to Slingplayer @ http://watch.slingbox.com/watch

                            select “Options” button in the upper left part of the screen window


                            select “Slingbox Setup” on the lower left side of the screen


                            select “Setup internet viewing”.  You will get an auto run program that will show a progress bar to “testing that everything is ok for internet viewing”.  I got the message

                            Ready for Internet Viewing


                            You are now all set to watch TV on your   Slingbox from anywhere.


                            To make changes to your Internet Viewing   settings, click on Internet Viewing advanced settings.


                            The above message was completely meaningless.  I used the auto mode originally, but it did not set up my router correctly.


                            So I selected “Internet viewing Advanced Settings”… and  “manually configure my router” set up option button.  I used the “step-by-step” utility on the left hand side of the screen.


                            To solve the problem on my MAC Time capsule router (with is likely different for any other brand of router, but they have a pull down list of brands and routers), I had to

                            • Open AirPort utility (Finder, Applications, Utilities, AirPort)
                            • Select Airport base router
                            • Select “Edit” the settings (Note: the screen shots from Slingbox Support were completely wrong for MAC OSX Lion, but I figured it out.)
                            • Select “Network” tab in AirPort
                            • Select “+” on Port settings

                            ·      A new port setting will be established for “IPv4” settings.  I named it “Slingbox Port”

                            ·      Enter the following info in quotes for the requested info

                            o   Public UDP Ports “5001”

                            o   Public TCP Ports “5001”

                            o   Private UDP Ports “5001”

                            o   Private TCP Ports “5001”

                            o   Private IP address “”


                            In checking my Boxee Box with Slingplayer app, it is back working and MUCH better.


                            It seems that completing this setup also cured the command issue as well as the issue with Slingplayer disconnecting and having to reconnect it.


                            What I can’t appreciate is why this info is SO BURIED in the support page.  This should have either been 1) part of the original automated setup (even if it gives an error message) or 2) crystal clear that you MUST complete these steps prior to remote internet viewing (especially because you CANNOT fix this setup remotely and have to be on your home network).


                            None of this info was anywhere in the basic setup or troubleshooting info.  I simply stumbled on it while waiting for an hour on hold.  While I am satisfied that I fixed the problem, I would give Slingbox an “F” in their customer support and troubleshooting.  Slingbox really needs to massively improve their support to be a credible consumer electronics business.