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    Boxee usage with colored buttons

    LimeyUK Newbie

      As the is no forum area for Boxee yet ... I had to post it here.


      Just fired the app up.  works nicely ... resolution seems to leave a bit to tbe desired and cannot go to HD.


      Remote control awesome.


      BUT ... when controlling any set top box remotely ... how does one access the 4 colored buttons usually found on their remote controls.





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          I can't find the Boxee app. Can you please give me the location?


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            Hi LimeyUK - so the remote varies depending on which device is being controlled (just like the mobile SlingPlayers), but my guess is that you'd find those buttons under "Misc" in the top nav?


            Depending on the device you're controlling, you may see multiple 'pages' of Misc controls - additional screens that can be accessed by navigating with the Boxee remote. In this screenshot, the user has selected Misc in the top nav, and has three pages of Misc controls, as indicated by the three dots above the lower nav:



            Hope that helps - note that you can disconnect while using the app, then choose Help for more info.



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                rack Newbie

                I am trying to access the red, yellow, blue and green buttons.


                In the SlingCatcher, I have a physical remote with the colored buttons.


                But with boxee they are not on the hand held and not on the screen ...


                in the catcher menus they were under custom buttons, but in the boxee the custom buttons do nothing.


                Is this a non-impemented feature?

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                    alanrichey42 Master

                    I haven't seen the Boxee app, but I would be surprised if they hadn't implemented the colour buttons.  If they aren't under any of the sub-menus then they should appear as Custom 22, 23, 24 & 25 ?

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                        rack Newbie

                        That's exactly what I would expect ... per the SlingCatcher ... but they have not ... when you click Custom, you get a graphic top right (consistent with pressing almost every button) but then it does nothing.  So there's no list of 23, 24, and 25 that one would expect to appear and select from.


                        Personally, as good as the quality and usability of the Boxee seems to be, that because it is an IPTV device and they did such a fantastic job of the remote control providing it with a QWERTY keyboard and such, I think Sling should make and sell an upcharged remote that includes RECORD and COLOUR (or COLOR) buttons. 


                        Or have Boxee do this and I would maybe offer a switch that flips it from IR to RF mode so that one can choose between very easy to click a button and compatibility with various universal learning remotes.

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                    OvCollyer Apprentice

                    Is it possible to map buttons directly from the Boxee remote to the options on the on-screen remote?


                    Then, taking it step further, could one then set up a Harmony remote such that the coloured buttons on the Harmony then directly control the coloured buttons on the on-screen remote (and all the other buttons too obviously)?


                    Also, what are the different streaming resolutions of the app? The maximum on the Slingcatcher seems to be 1280 x 540 - how does this compare?


                    I don't have a Boxee but I'm considering it for the future...for when the Slingcatcher packs up.


                    Hopefully if the above remote control configuration is not possible then it will be in a future release, though I would have slight reservations given Sling's abandonment of the catcher as to whether they'll see the job through this time?

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                        rack Newbie

                        Taking it a step further ... if you are asking what I think you are asking ... the answer is no.


                        Harmony is Infra Red is it not?


                        Boxee is RF.


                        I too wonder if Sling will see it through ... already I note that very recently available Sling models and current models (Slingbox PRO and Echostar) are not supported. 


                        But, my guess is that is is a VERY different business model to make hardware vs. software so they might.  But with Sling MIGHT is the operative word.

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                            OvCollyer Apprentice

                            Right, so I think you'd need some sort of RF to IR converter for the Boxee to use the Harmony...or use something else.


                            But being able to map buttons on the Boxee remote to the on-screen remote would be a start.


                            My view is that the fiddly on screen remote system is acceptable for the mobile or web players but I think people want a more streamlined living-room friendly system when you're taking about the big screen.


                            For example, I can't imagine telling my wife that to bring up the Sky+ planner/PVR page she'd need to press one button to bring up the on-screen remote, choose 'guide', then navigate to 'misc' and then navigate until she can find the green button (which sounds like it is missing anyway?) compared to pressing guide and then pressing the green button on both the real Sky+ remote or the Slingcatcher remote to achieve the same thing currently.