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    Can't stream HD without resetting Slingbox PRO-HD


      I'm having an intermittent problem with my Slingbox PRO-HD.


      I'm connecting with a web browser and watch.slingbox.com on a Macintosh.


      If I am watching an SD channel, everything works fine. The picture and sound will stream as expected and if I'm on my home network I can commonly achieve streaming speeds of nearly 8000 kbps or higher. This works at any quality setting.


      The problem happens when I switch to an HD channel and also set the plug-in to show the video at "Best/HD" quality. When I do this, the connection speed will immediately drop to 120 kbps or less and the video will either freeze or go to a black/blank screen (the audio keeps streaming normally). If I switch to a lower quality setting, the video comes back on and the connection speed increases to normal again.


      I am currently using the latest version of the web plug-in for Mac. When this problem happens, it doesn't matter whether I'm using Safari, Firefox or Google Chrome as my browser. It also can happen both on my home network and also when I connect remotely. I can experience this on my MacBook Pro or my Mac Pro, both running Mac OS X 10.6.8. The problem seems to be with the Slingbox itself, not my network, cable box, or computer.


      The only way I can fix the problem is to reset the Slingbox manually by pressing the reset button and reconnecting from the plug-in. When I do this, I can immediately stream true HD video at HD quality at full connection speed. Of course, this is not a viable solution because I can only manually reset the Slingbox when I'm physically located at home and unfortunately, niether the web plug-in nor the stand-alone SlingPlayer application provide a method to remotely reset a Slingbox.


      The problem is intermittent as it does not happen every time I connect, but it has been happening often enough that I cannot confidently and reliably expect to have the ability to sling in HD.


      Has anyone else experienced this problem? Any solutions?


      I do find it disappointing that after all this time the plug-in still does  not have a "Reset Slingbox" function. I am also frustrated that both  the Mac plug-in and the stand-alone SlingPlayer software still do not  have feature parity with the PC versions.

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          Hi, bobsling


          It seems that you are having some issues with your Slingbox PRO-HD since it drops the connection when you go from SD channels to HD channels.


          As the first step, I recommend you to reset the Slingbox PRO-HD. Just make sure to press and hold down the reset button for 30 seconds and then release it. Once your Slingbox gets solid lights run the Setup Assistant for Internet Viewing one more time.


          Manual Setup for Slingbox PRO-HD


          If by any chance you are using wireless component s on your home network, I encourage you to use a hard-wire connection only to make a test and see how the Slingbox behaves. Keep in mind that the HD streaming consumes a higher amount of the available bandwidth. If the Slingbox works fine when streaming on SD definition, you can check if your network meets the requirements for the Slingbox PRO-HD.


          Tech Specs for the Slingbox PRO-HD


          Once you have applied all these steps, test out how your Slingbox works and let us know!



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              Thank you for your suggestions. I have tried them and it did not permanently solve the problem.


              Unfortunately, it seems that you have misunderstood the problem that I am having.


              The Slingbox PRO-HD does not drop the connection when changing from SD channels to HD channels. The Slingbox stays connected, but it will not properly transmit the full HD stream signal.


              Resetting the Slingbox PRO-HD only fixes the problem TEMPORARILY. Therefore, it is not a real solution because I cannot reset the Slingbox PRO-HD from a remote location.


              Since it is the case that after a reset, the Slingbox PRO-HD will (temporarily) work as intended and stream HD channels in full High Definition, the problem is obviously not related to my network. Connecting with a network cable does not help to fix the problem.


              I believe that this is a problem with the Slingbox PRO-HD firmware.


              A simple solution to this problem would be to give the Web SlingPlayer the ability to send a reset command to the Slingbox. I do not think that this would address the root cause of the problem but at least it would give me a way to temporarily fix it from a remote location. People have been asking for this feature for years. The developers will not add it. It is difficult to understand why.

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              It happens to me as well, I saw your post after 1 year (2011 Dec), the similar problem is not addressed and no remote reboot or reset function at all. It is really disappointed.

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                This started happening to me as well last night.  Exact same issue.  Everything works fine for non-hd content, but when you switch to stream BestHD it can only get 120k / second and won't display video.

                Seems like some sort of weird bug.