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    Will PRO-HD work with Comcast?


      Our local cable provider has switched to all-digital signal so my original Slingbox no longer works. I believe Comcast has also encrypted their signal: I am required to "activate" the cable box after installation. Prior to that, their is no video or audio.  Is it possible to attach the coax cable directly to the Slingbox Pro-HD, or do I need to install a cable box between the two? I miss being able to view TV and change channels from the slingbox website.

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          Hi, nukecity


          I understand that you want to know if the Slingbox PRO-HD will work with your new cable box provided by Comcast.


          As a matter of fact, it will work. There are three ways to connect the Slingbox PRO-HD to your cable box: using Component, Composite or Coaxial cables. In all case, I recommend you to check the following link in order to verify if your new set top box is included on the supported devices list.


          Finding your video source