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    no audio


      I set up my slingbox solo. Perfect....had video and audio. Then the audio  went out but still had video. Then the audio and  video worked this morning. Tonight the audio went out. I had the cab;e checked and  the wires....everything good. I have noticed at times it streams at different levels..sometimes low...sometimes high. Don't know what to do to get sound. About to chunk the thing  in the yard!! Any help would be appreciated.

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          Has this problem been resolved?  My slingbox that I have used for the past year all of a sudden lost sound tonite. 

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            Hi, toto and tanle.

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            The following link will provide you with some information that might help you to find a solution for this issue. We also recommend you to run the Setup Assistant process once again in order to verify if the settings are properly set.


            Slingbox audio issues: Basic troubleshooting   

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              I was having the same problem.  Video was streaming,  but no audio.  All wires were connected (cannot remember how many times I questioned my sanity by checking over and over again, replugging something that was already plugged in).


              My SOLUTION:  I took the power out of my cable box and plugged it back in and then just to make extra sure, I rebooted my Slingbox Solo.  The cable box reboots and so does the Slingbox and it appears to have worked.  I am using Firefox....


              Lesson to us all (well at least for me):  If something doesn't work,  turn it off and on again.....