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    Cox San Diego HD channels not showing


      I just scanned all the channels on my HD Pro on Cox San Diego in both Quick and Slow scanning.  Each time the HD channels show up in the 1000s. For instance, Fox San Diego analog is 5 and HD is 5.1, but my Slingbox Pro HD shows it as 1008.705 instead.  This isn't a usually a problem; however, now none of the HD channels are showing any video...just black screens.  I rescanned the channels to no avail.  The tuner still detects the correct channel, but it will not show any content at all.  I've rescanned numberous times and still no video on those channels (1008.705, 1008.706, 1008.707, 1008.708, 1008.709, 1008.710, 1008.711 and 1008.717).