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    WP7 Mango update issues - Misc UI not available


      When the latest update for Slingplayer for Windows Phone became available, I uninstalled my current version ann installed the update from scratch. It works now, with the following exceptions:

      1) when I click on the MISC menu option, I get the error message "Miscellaneous UI is not available" and can not see any options that should on that misc menu - therefore can not power on/off the SlingPlayer or any of the other functions from that menu.

      2) When I select the "Sources" function, any configured input has not description. For example, I use Component input, therefore that radio button has no description. The Composite and SVideo radio buttons have a description but are unconfigured, therefore greyed out.


      I use a Samsung Omnia7, with OS version 7.10.7720.68. The SlingPlayer version is 1.7 build 113. I am connecting to a SlingPlayer Solo, via component input. Hope this all helps.



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          So no-one else is having this "miscellaneous UI not available" problem? Any suggestions from the Support folks? I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling, full reboots, etc....

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              Hi arawata,


              I understand that you are having some issues with the SlingPlayer for Windows 7 Mobile device, since the "Miscellaneous UI" feature is not available.


              Most of the times, this issue is relate to the A/V source connected to your Slingbox. It means that this specific device is not included on the supported devices list.


              I recommend you to check this link in order to know if your A/V source is included on the supported devices list:


              Finding your video source


              If it is, I encourage you to run the A/V configuration one more time and make sure to make the right selections among the provided options. If the issue persist, I recommend you to check this thread provided by alanrichey42, hopefully you will be able to find the solution for this specific issue.


              Read this first if you have an Issue with the On-Screen Remote Control


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                  Thanks for your response. Unfortunately, the suggested actions have not helped. Let me provide a little more info in case this helps with the diagnosis.


                  My video source is a Foxtel IQHD box - this is a Pace device, hardware version TDS851NF.8.4, software version

                  The SlingBox is a Solo, with software version 2.1.250.

                  I am using the component connections. To configure the Video Sources, I use the following settings:

                      Device Type: Standalone DVR

                      Manufacturer: Other

                      Code: Custom, then I use the 2010_RV.bin from this thread ... https://community.sling.com/message/42975#42975


                  This configuration works perfectly for the SlingPlayer app on my iPad, and for the Android app on my B&N Nook Color (running CM7). Also works fine with the app on my Win7 desktop and using the browser on my desktop. So ... everywhere but the WP7 app on my Samsung Omnia 7 (using SlingPlayer version 1.7 build 113).


                  If the issue is with the custom remote codes, can anyone suggest a file that works with a Mango'ed Omnia 7 and my above config?