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    Region Query/Issue on SlingPlayer for iPad


      Hi all,


      Apologies in advance for the vagueness of the query and the lack of technical detail.



      I have a customer who is using Slingbox for iPad and while it works here in Ireland, they are unable to get it to work when in the UK.


      Unfortunately, I haven't been told much more than that, not even an error message, but I was hoping that somebody might be able to let me know if there is some licencing/regionalisation issues that might be arising here.  The iPad in question is a WiFi only and so is dependent on a UK Broadband provider to travel back to the Slingbox in Ireland.  My gut says that it shouldn't be an issue, and that that seems counter-intuitive to what SlingBox is about, but in the absense of any further information I have, I just want to rule that out entirely as an issue.


      Thank you for your time.



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          Hello Aardvarx.


          If your customer is able to connect from a remote location (different network where the Slingbox is installed) in Ireland without any problems, then the issue might be with a restriction on the Internet Service Provider (ISP) he is using in UK. However if he is only able to connect on the same network where the Slingbox is, the issue will be caused by the Internet Viewing settings of the Slingbox.


          Feel free to guide him through these steps to enable the Remote Viewing manually and ensure that he will be able to connect remotely to the Slingbox without problems.


          Slingbox Network Setup Assistant


          Port Forward


          Best regards.