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    Logging in to someone else's slingbox


      I am trying to watch my slingbox on my laptop in a hotel.  For some reason, it latched onto someone else's login and is trying to connect to their slingbox.  I have logged out and back in, it shows my login at the top of the screen, then changes to the other one.  This has never happened to me before, how do I fix this???

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          Hi dc8pilot, this issue should be fixed with the latest update of our web site, please go to Watch.slingbox.com and try login again, let us know if you still have issues getting to your Slingbox.



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              I have the same issue with my Sling solo box as of today. I logged into the sling homepage, and all is fine. When I went to WATCH, the name on the upper right changed to someone elses, and I was connecting to and watching his sling.


              I tried everything: logging out and back in, using a different brower, different computer, resetting my browser, etc.


              One thing that DID work was installing and using the legacy Sling player client, which can still be downloaded here:



              NOTE: I have noticed that a number of the people having this issue are logging in from Asia. I found people in Singapore and Thailand are having this issue. I myself am in Bangkok Thailand.


              Please share: What country were you in when you experienced this issue?


              I am suspecting the "country of origin" may have something to do with this....