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    User Name and Passwords


      I was a happy user of Sling Solo

      I tried it after a few months of "rest" and it did not respond.I was advised by Sling local representative to reset it,which I did.

      For one reason or another I was advised to change the user name,which is my main e-mail address,into a g-mail (which I also own.


      I MUST try and have my original user's name and don't know who to approcah to reset my account at Sling's central computer.

      I have the Slingbox ID,obviously.


      Anybody can help me with it?


      Since my office computer is connected to the office network (no firewall problems,I always worked the Sling though this computer) and the Slingbox is connected to a direct external Internet,I will have to bring my laptop to the office and connect both,laptop and Slingbox,to the same router.No sweat.


      Still,I want to reset my e-mail address to the original and not to g-mail.




      Israel Kass,Tel Aviv,Israel