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    Connection Failed




      Have slingbox solo. Worked fine for quite some time but now when I try to connect using slingplayer mobile, I get the "connection failed" message.

      Slingplayer mobile locates my slingbox, goes through the "connecting" routine, then the "starting" routine....then the connection failed. The app recognizes when I am logged on using my home computer and allows me to bump off the computer. So the app appears to locate/recognize my slingbox and I can watch the slingbox from the website, just not on the android app on my phone.


      I have reset the router, reset the slingbox, updated the software, re-ran the internet viewing setup....several times. I've tried changing the port from 5001 to 5002, got it to work for a minute, but not now.


      Is it possible that the app software is corrupted? If I uninstall the app, do I have to repurchase it?


      Also, support page lists setup as complete, but when I view "options", "remote viewing" says "no".

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          Hi gtnowak2,


          What I'm getting from your post, is that you're having problems connecting from the SlingPlayer Mobile.


          In this case, if you tried to connect from a different network already, to discard the current one as a potential issue, then I would recommend to hard reset the Slingbox and run the Setup Assistant manually, including the Internet Viewing and creating a port forward rule on the router as well.


          That way you will be able to access from the application once again.