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    Video stopped working on Slingbox Pro


      I have a Slingbox PRO connected to a Tivo Series 3 through a Component cable which gets its signal from a pair of Comcast cablecards.  I've never used an HDMI connection, ever.  Nothing about my setup has changed at all, but today when I try to connect to my slingbox on my local network (both devices hardwired), I get no video, but slingplayer seems to think everything is ok.  The most puzzling thing is that the stream speed never tops out over 120 kbps (on my local network) or so, whereas it usually gets closer to 4 or 5 mbps.  I suppose if it's not decoding the video and streaming that though, then it wouldnt need to get any faster than 120kbps.


      One other unusual thing is that it seems to recognize the preferred aspect ratio of the video (that it's not showing).  If I change to a SD channel, SlingPlayer changes the aspect ratio of its window to 4:3, but shows no video.  If I change back to an HD channel, the SlingPlayer switches to a 16:9 ratio.  Clearly it knows something about the video that it's receiving.


      The video is a passthrough connection, and the passthrough works fine.  I can see the video output on my TV.  I don't believe it's an HDCP issue because of this.  I've tried restoring to factory settings, and I've even tried switching routers.  All get me the same result.


      I've tried the slingplayer on slingbox.com as well as the old native client and the iPhone app, all behave in exactly the same way.


      I do still get audio.


      Any help?