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    Can you connect slingbox to TV remotely without going thru computer?


      I want to get my local Direct TV when I move to an apartment in another city for business reasons. I understand that I can have a slingbox hd in my home, hook it to the  internet and receive my local TV in my apartement on a computer. But is the only way to see it on an HDTV is to hook it to a computer?

      How about if the TV is internet ready (ethernet connection and/or Google TV) can I hook it up to TV w/o computer?


      Also, will outputting from computer to TV give me 720Por 1080i picture quality on a 40" HDTV (LCD most likely)? Full screen?

      And if there is another way to hook to TV other than with a computer how is that picture quality?


      I have done some searching on this forum but have found only answers in fragments.


      Thanks for the help