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    My settop box constantly turns itself off- help!


      I am sure this has been asked a million times but I must be a loser because I have searched and can't find the answer in these forums.....



      I have Verizon Fios Digital rebuild.  I have a Moto set top box.


      I have a Tivo connected to my settop box.


      My settop box turns itself off every day or every other day.


      In order to fix this, I have go in, reconfigure my video settings, change from Tivo to Moto, click the "power" button to turn the set top box on, then go back and reset the whole thing so my tivo is my DVR.


      This takes forever because the set up is slow to retrieve information. (Not to mention I am recording black...)


      Any suggestions? I  record enough that something is recorded every day -- I had heard that doing something like that might cure the problem, but it hasn't helped...


      I will take all suggestions. I am incredibly frustrated.



        • Re: My settop box constantly turns itself off- help!

          Hi RiverRatty,


          What I understand, is that you're having problems controlling your Audio and Video Source.


          In this case, first of all, you need to make sure that the Audio and Video source is compatible.


          Besides that, I would recommend to connect the Slingbox to just one of the Set Top Boxes, to discard the IR signal as the potential issue, also, make sure they're not using the same IR code, besides that, try to connect the Slingbox to a different Audio and Video source just to discard the current one as a potential issue.