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    Password Problems


      When I start the slingplayer on my computer.  It searches fro my slingbox.

      A seperate screen pops up and asks for password.  I enter the password.

      It tries to connect but no connection is made.  The password box pops up

      again for me to enter the password.  It never connects to my slingbox.

      I know that I have been entering the correct password.  How do I get it to work?

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          I am having the same exact problem.  Last week I called slingbox, and even though I am way passed my complimentary support period, the nice operator informed me that slingbox was having an issue on their end and if I give it a few days the problem would be resolved.  However, today I called again and was told that the problem has been resolved so if I am still experiencing problems it must be something on my end.  So I too would love to hear if anyone has any suggestions.....

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            I just spoke to someone at slingbox and they said that you need to reset your slingbox and then log-on to the slingbox site, choose " set-up "and reconfigure your slingbox- the only catch is when you reconfigure you need to be on location, in other words using the same router that your slingbox is using- otherwise it wont work. Good luck.

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                We have been having the exact same problems. It has now been almost 2 weeks since we could access our slingbox. This is our only tv option. At first it just couldn't connect. Now the password issue. The catch is that we live in CHINA, our slingbox is in the US...and we won't be home until JULY! Is there any possible fix to this issue? We paid good money for our slingbox, and the problem has obviously stemmed from there end. Shouldn't they fix it for us?