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    2Mbps upload at home - SD viewing remotely still of very low quality


      I purchased the solo because I figured HD quality viewed remotely would be very difficult to achieve due to network limitations. From my research, I saw that 2Mbps should be just fine for SD viewing when away from home.


      I have been offsite using a wifi connection. The download speed is 2.5Mbps. While I know that wifi somewhat degrades this signal, I am still very disappointed with the picture. The SD picture is very blocky/pixelated. I can barely read text on the TV screen, be it my cable box menus or ESPN ticker-like text on the bottom of the screen. Once again, I know that 2.5Mbps isn't an amazing conneciton but thats the reality of a lot of hotels and other remote viewing places.


      It is constantly "optimizing" between 300kbps and 1400. I'm very dissatisfied if this is the best picture I'm ever going to get.