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    My sling box (using sling links to connect to my internet) is causing a pulsing type action


      I have my slingbox connect to my internet through a couple sling links.  I am getting a pulsing type action on the desk top computer which makes me think it is getting interference from the sling links.  The pulsing causes the desk top computer to change intensity and flicker the screen to the point where it is not controllable.  Not sure why, because it never did this in the past.  I have TWC service into the house with a router that splits off the telephone from the cable.  The cable then splits and goes to the TV DVR's and also to the cable modem for the internet.  My sling link is connected to the cable modem for the internet and then plugged into the wall outlet where it then connects to the second slinglink which is wired to the slingbox next to the DVR that I watch TV from.  I don't see anything plugged in in these same outlets that would cause a problem, not any surge suppressors (already tested all of these around the house by process of elimination .  Any suggestions how to troubleshoot?  Is my slinglink bad?