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    Solo acting strange??


      I was out of town and using solo Slingbox.  I noticed a problem, but did not think much about it.  When I returned home, I noted that the wrong remote was showing up.  Also, with the wrong remote, I was unable to turn off the Directv or change channels.  I checked all of the fittings and unplugged the power to reset and tried to reinstall the SB, but nothing seems to work.  The incorrect remote shows up but cannot be used.  I get picture/sound on an in-house computer and of course can watch whatever is on the TV.  I have a Directv unit HR21--which I believe I set up as an HR20.  I am just not sure what to do at this point.  I have used SB for about 3 years.  Thanks for any help you all can give.  JIm