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    After Update Cannot Watch


      With the recent support of Chrome I updated my Slingplayer plugin the other day. Ever since then I haven't been able to get a solid connection for more than 10 seconds. It loads up and the video and audio skip for about 10 seconds before disconnecting and displaying this message: There was an error connecting to the box. Please check your network, firewall, and router settings.


      I've tried the following:

      2 different network connections, both with the same result.

      Power cycled my modem and router on my end.

      Power cycled the slingbox and router on the other end.

      Cleared my internet history and cache for all browsers.


      Ran a speedtest.net test between me (Hong Kong) and a server in Lynnwood, WA (where the slingbox is located):

      152ms Ping

      27Mbps Down

      12Mbps Up


      So, while my ping could be lower I certainly have sufficient bandwidth as I never exceed 2.4Mbps when streaming HD.


      I have't changed anything regarding my router or modem setup, I've only done the software update in the past 48 hours. I can't think of what else the problem could be except with this recent update to the Slingplayer software.


      Anyone else having problems? Any suggestions?