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    Stopped working Pro HD - hardware issue?


      Came home to spouse telling me she heard popping noise cominf from ProHD SB - used with slinglink bridge with no problems for last 4m (best fathers day gift ever!).She unplugged everything..When I got back and powered back up - system would not pass sound through SB to TV when turned on and unable to access on Network (Network lite on), as was Sling logo). Slinglink lights at router with all 3 lights - slinglink at SB with no network light and SB with no network light.

      Uplugged everything and rewired - same set of lights.

      Took system apart again and took slinglinks and plugged both into same outlet - links light correctly - plugged SB directly into network (at router) and powered up - but no network light - also tried to reset and no network light.


      Any ideas? - tommorrow is NFL sunday and I have to go with kids to a swim meet without my SB

      is the SB dead?


      thanks in advance

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          chakkarinen Apprentice

          Sounds like it MIGHT be a failure of the power supply for the SB Pro-HD -- hopefully, not something worse inside the SB.   If you are still under warranty I believe you can get a free replacement power supply from Sling Media.   And if it is still under warranty, perhaps they will instead replace the entire unit?


          If no longer under warranty, you might first try replacing the power supply, then do a hard reset of the SB and try to do the reinstallation procedure.


          These are just my guesses based on reading reports from others with similar symptoms on this forum.   I have never experienced such problems myself (knock on wood).   However, I did notice early on that my SB would get physically quite hot to the touch, so I removed it from my media cabinet and placed it on the floor behind with extensions to its "feet", so that there is more air circulation around the box.   Seems to run a bit cooler now.