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    Log in problems


      My second sling catcher which has been working fine for months is now asking me to log on and  will not accept my log in details. The other sling catcher on the same network is ok. I have tried pressing the reset but no luck. Please advise.

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          Hi sounds slightly fifferent but in the end I changed the power supply plug. It seemed to be going low or cutting out and caused the Catcher to keep wanting to sort of reboot and ask to  be logged on again. If you swap your catchers over do you get the same problem





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            I have tried swapping the power adaptor but the problem is still there. I cannot understand why this sling catcher will not accept my log in details whilst the other unit and connection via computer works fine

            Has anybody any ideas?



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                Hi, jdstevo


                I understand that you are having some issues in order to get one of your SlingCatchers up and running, since you cannot log in.

                The fact that your second SlingCatcher is working fine on the same network lead us to think that the issue is related to the unit itself. With this in mind, I recommend you to check the following link and follow the instructions in order to know how to reset the SlingCatcher.


                SlingCatcher: Basic Troubleshooting