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    Why i can't watch video after firmware update? How can i rollback firmware?


      I can't watch video via slingbox pro-hd(old version), but only audio works.(But sync is slow with little laggy)
      i already found discussion like this, they say "hdmi can cause a weak signal problem".
      However, when i reboot the devices with unplugged the HDMI cable,video doesn't come out.
      even i reset the slingbox, the video doesn't appear almost.


      Earlier this year, i watch tv on new pc by web-player instead of desktop player. at then, the firmware is automatically updated.
      after that firmware, my video problem has occurred.i was update firmware twice more after that.
      but it doesn't resolve my issue.
      So I would like to rollback to a factory default firmware.(If you have seen another solutions, please let me know.
      p.s.i'm using slingbox via Component port. (1080i wide)