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    Aren't you listening sling Techs? No one can connect!


      My sling connection went out a few weeks ago, came back online and lasted for a few days and has not worked away from the box since. I have tried every suggestion found on this site and it still does not connect. However it does work on a computer thats on the same network as the sling box. Travel away from the box - nada. Looking at all the posts on this site I see I am not alone, by any means.


      What I don't understand is why Sling is not posting a general announcement on "all" their support pages regarding this issue. It's quite obvious the problem lies on your end and not the users. If you would do your customer base a courtesy and actually post that their "is" a problem on your end, we all wouldn't be wasting our time trying to fix something that clearly can't be fixed. Our time is just as valuable as yours.


      I hope someone at Sling is reading these posts and cares enough to actually post a useful update for us all soon.

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          Hi inkski, the previous issue with the web site has been already resolved since last week, I suggest you make sure that the Internet Viewing in your Slingbox is set up properly.


          If you need more assistance, please provide more details about your issue so that the community can help you better.



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              As I mentioned in my post, I have worked all the solutions including internet viewing. Internet viewing set up is right because if I use a wireless laptop and connect to the internet where my slingbox is, it can play sling.com internet viewing and sling player just fine. If I try to connect anywhere else on xp, vista or windows 7 away from the slingbox it does not work for sling.com nor the sling player.


              Sling player times out and does not connect. Sling.com viewing seems like its connected but there is 0 video stream and no audio.


              Again, I have tried and double checked all your solutions, none work. So what is the fix?

            • Catastrofy after update

              While clicking on "watch" I was asked to install an update. I did that and it correctly restarted firefox. After that the slingbox does Not work, HELP!!!!!!!

              It asks me to check if the slingbox is on which it is and according to my brother everything looks as usaual with the small red light working as usual (i.e not blinking).

              What can I do??