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    Slinglink Network Adapters


      I purchased my first slingbox approximately 6 years ago and set it up using slinglink SL100-100 adapters.  Everything worked pretty well.  I've since upgraded to the slingbox pro HD receiver and am still using the same slinglink adapters which have a maximum data rate of 14mbps.  If I upgrade to the slinglink SL150-100 adapters which have a maximum data rate of 85 mbps, will I get better remote access picture resolution?  My Son accesses our slingbox from London and his picture quality isn't that great.  We both have internet sppeds of 30 mbps down and 5 mbps up.


      Any assistance will be greatly appreciated.


      Thank You

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          Hi, trodolak


          I understand that you want to know if you will improve the picture resolution if you upgrade to the SlingLink Turbo adapters (SL150-100).


          Although this upgrade will allow you to improve the communication on your home network, it will not represent any modification to the remote video quality.


          The most important aspect to take into account on this specific situation is the connection speed you get on both ends (at the Slingbox location and the remote network where your son is). Since you say that you have a good connection speed at your location, I recommend you to ask your son to test the connection from a different remote network.


          This test will allow you to determine if the issue is the connection speed at his current remote location. Besides, since you have posted this question under the SlingPlayer for Mobile devices community, I also recommend you to check this link.


          Poor video quality when using SlingPlayer