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    Haven't been able to connect to SOLO since purchase




      Totally frustrated at the moment, bought the SOLO a couple of weeks ago and haven't been able to connect to it at all.


      At first I thought the connection issue had to do with the fact that the network light was very dim,. A search ofthe forums seemed to indicate a known problem of the inappropriate power adaptor that came with the unit. So went out and forked out an extra 20 spoodools on another one. Happily, the light is now a constant bright red. Unhappily, no connection.


      Last weekend there was the message on the forum that there was connection issues with slinbox accounts, so mybe it was that..... so I waited for it to be resolved. Now that it's resolved, still no connection.


      Tried again tonight b statring up the sling player abd trying to connect, but I get a message that says


      An error occured, tell me more...


      • Error: 0x8007274d
      • Context: 1
      • Operation:110


      Very very frustrated. I'm off to Dubai at the in a few days and I would like to have this resolved before I head off.


      At thy moment everything is in the same room with the SOLO connected directly to the router.





        • Re: Haven't been able to connect to SOLO since purchase

          Hi, rob2103


          I understand that you are having some issues in order to get your new Slingbox SOLO up and running.


          As you say, there were some issues some weeks ago and at this moment, you should not have issues in order to get the connection to your Slingbox SOLO once you set it up for Internet Viewing.


          If your Slingbox is showing solid lights, you should be able to set it up for Internet Viewing. In that case, I recommend you to check this link and follow the included steps.


          Internet Viewing for Slingbox SOLO