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    Remote control operation - iPhone app works, FireTV doesn't on Slingbox M1

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      I had a Slingbox ProHD which I used with my Philips HDT8520, using the remote files that Alan Richey provided several years ago (Thanks Alan!). The remote worked OK on my Win7 machine, and also on my WDTV Play, but neither was a nice seamless user experience, especially when adverts started appearing. However, the Slingplayer app on the WDTV now drops its connection every couple of minutes, and I've moved to Linux, so decided to get a Slingbox M1 and Amazon FireTV


      I've successfully set up the Slingbox M1 with my Philips HDT8520 using an old Win7 machine, and the remote works OK with the same remote files that Alan Richey provided several years ago. Not perfect, but as well as it did with the ProHD. The Slingplayer app on my iPhone also seems to work OK, but the Slingplayer app on the FireTV doesn't work properly. Some buttons work, and some don't seem to be mapped to any function. In particular, the coloured buttons don't work on the FireTV app.


      I'm quite happy to build a new remote control file from scratch, if that's what it takes to get the Slingplayer app on the FireTV working properly, but I suspect that won't help.


      My limited understanding of how remotes work with the M1 is as follows:

      1. Remote file maps an IR code for the HDT8520 to a button which may have a standard function or be 'Custom'

      2. The remote file is uploaded to the Sling database at setup time

      3. Each Slingplayer app maps the buttons available in the app to standard functions or 'Custom' (same with embedded Slingplayer). This is probably done using a mapping file produced by Sling and held in their database.

      4. When a button is pressed on an app, that is translated to a standard function or 'Custom' in the Sling database, and is then translated using the remote file into an IR code which is output by the Slingbox.

      There are therefore two mappings involved - the remote file (function to IR code), and in each Slingplayer app (app button to function)


      It seems that the mapping in the FireTV Slingplayer app isn't working properly.


      Could someone please tell me if my understanding is correct, and also if producing a new remote file for the HDT8520 is likely fix the FireTV problem?


      Is there anything else I can do to get the FireTV app working with my M1 and HDT8520?