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    Slingbox discovers wrong internal IP address



      I've after several hours finally managed to connect my Slingbox Solo to the local network.

      So streaming works in the same network from Sling to my Desktop PC.

      But I'm now facing a pretty weird problem...


      From my router's DHCP log I can see that the SlingBox gets IP: And I'm able to ping this address as well.
      When I now try to connect from somewhere else and log on to Slingbox.com the Slingbox cannot be found. When navigating to the support pages I can see that the my Slingbox is marked with IP - but that's not true. There is no IP ending with 254 in my network and again I can see active DHCP leases for the Slingbox with IP 245...It seems as some piece of software inverts the last two digits...


      Is this a known issue in the SW?

      If yes, any plans to update?

      If no... any workarounds?


      Thanks for any ideas!



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          Hi, mroxx


          It seems that you are having some issues in order to get the remote connection to your Slingbox SOLO.


          Even though you were able to get the Slingbox SOLO up and running on your local area network, you need to make some adjustments on the router settings in order to allow a remote connection.


          The fact that you see the Slingbox marked with the IP address is because it is the Slingbox default IP address. This means that the Slingbox might not be properly set up for Internet Viewing, therefore, you will not be able to get the remote connection.


          In all case, I recommend you to reset the Slingbox and verify the IP address provided by the router for your Slingbox. Once you get the right IP address, you will be able to set it up for Internet Viewing. The following links will guide you through all this process.


          How to reset your Slingbox to factory settings


          Manual Setup for Slingbox SOLO



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              I join on this question. I now find my Solo on .254 as above albeit router DHCP was set to to 244 and actually used IP address .240 after the first installation witrh another receiver. I had to set port forwarding manually since my D-link 2740B is not listed. No problem since I know well how to do it. I had also set port ext and int to 5001. I find it weird that I have been able to connect to the slingbox with my iphone over cellular network with good quality although port forwarding was directed to .240 whereas the Solo uses the default IP address .254. When connecting, there was an alert that the slinbox was not set up for internet viewing, but as nmentioned, it still worked and very well.


              I now changed router DHCP to .254 and also changed port forwarding accordingly. If you can't beat them, join them.


              BTW, isn't there a way to assign a static address to the slingbox other than .254? Found support article.




              What is the exact meaning of the message that the device is not set up for internet viewing?


              Just a remark. I've connected the Slingbox SOLO to a Canal Digital HD PVR 101 ST. Before installation, I checked to see if this receiver was supported but no Canal Digital or SAgem  receivers were listed at all. So I spent a couple of hours trying to find out what to do. However, once I started the set up proceudure my receiver was indeed included and it works flawlessly. I suggest that information be verified for congruency so as to spare users frustration,

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                  Well, I have still not really figured out what went wrong but I managed to find a workaround...
                  Temporarily I tried a different an old router with dhcp service on and tada... this time it seemed to work - so to me it seems like the slingbox and my router just won't cope when it comes to dhcp leases... after my temporary network was setup I have installed Slingplayer Client on my Windows XP machine used the Slingplayer setup to assign the IP I wanted to the Slingbox. I've checke if it still works after a reboot and yes, it still has the right IP.
                  So switched back to my normal network and thanked god that I am not able to throw any old HW stuff away