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    Virgin remote not working




      The on screen remote in sling player is having some issues.


      When I press something, it responds but the menu does not show up. The menu does however show up on the TV using the box. Also, every now and then the remote will just not work at all.


      I'm usin a Virgin media box with a TP link router. The problem occurs on both windows and Mac computers.


      I've tried the general troubleshooting as shown in the forums.


      Also, when doing the input setup, after the remote control section, I get the message "No program guide available for your country". I read on a forum that this means the box is "dead".


      Any help much appreciated.



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          alanrichey42 Master

          This is nothing to do with Slingbox.  Like a number of boxes, Virgin do not output menus on the second output, just on the TV output.  The logic is that the second output is normaly used for VCRs and people don't want menus showing up.


          The solution is to use the pass through facility of the SLingbox so you can use just the TV ouput to drive the SLingbox and then the pass-through to srive the TV.