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    System recovery screen keeps coming back after reset


      My slingcatcher continue to show the same screen :


      " You are seeing this screen because SlingCatcher encountered a problem, or you pressed the reset button for 5 seconds

      This proces will restore SlingCatcher to its factory settings

      Slingcatcher will now connect you to your home network and download the most resent software.

      Press OK on your remote control to start the System Recovery. "


      When I press the OK button it is running and saying " connecting to your home network "

      After a few seconds it says " recovery completed. SlingCatcher will now restart to complete the system recovery. "


      After that it restarts showing the Sling logo running - and then the first screen comes up again : " You are seeing this sreen .........."


      I have tried to disconnect the Catcher - and restart = the same result. Also using the reset button does not help.


      Can anybody help ?