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    Unstable connection on B-berry Bold


      Can somebody please help me?  I have a B-berry Bold and a Slingbox Pro.  Both have all of the latest software, and according to the Sling software, I have properly configured my system for internet/remove viewing.  When I try connecting, after a very long wait, it usually says, "SlingPlayer connection lost.   Would you like to try reconnecting?"  If I say yes, after another long wait, and sometimes after needing to forceably disconnect the previous attempt, it typically will start functioning.  I get audio and video; but it lasts for somewhere between 2 and 30 seconds before once again losing the connection.


      Can anyone suggest a solution?


      Thank you very much.

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          I too am having trouble connecting to my new 9700 Bold and was just promised by the Sling tech support line that they will have someone view this forum and try to help us within 48 hours. This support forum looks pretty dead though!

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            I've been trying out two beta versions of the SlingPlayer Mobile program (version on my BlackBerry Tour 9650, and I don't know if specific to the software or specific to the combination of the software and the 9650.  On any selected input block on my Slingbox Pro (composite, S-Video or component on the HD addon), if no audio is active from the source (whether the source device is powered off or if the unit is on with a display and no active audio), when I attempt to connect to the Slingbox, it will report the following : "SlingPlayer connection lost.  Would you like to try reconnecting?"  Thus I'm unable to establish a connection.  However, if audio is active from the source, it will successfully establish a connection.  I'm curious if anyone else is seeing this happen as well.  Thanks, Neilsen