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    unable to connect to Slingbox



      I have been trying to connect to my slingbox but it keeps telling me that

      "The connection attempt failed. Make sure the Slingbox you are trying to watch is set up for remote viewing and not blocked by firewall/NAT settings. Error: 0x8007274D"


      I've tried turning my fire wall off but it didn't help, and I was wondering if anyone had the same problem? I saw the notice that there has been issues with connection so is this because of that?



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          We are having the same problem as of a few days ago.  

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            sblyke Newbie

            I have been having a problem with Slingbox ever since these outtages started.  I am able to connect for short periods of time before I get a message saying that there is a Code 211 error.   I am able to reconnect to my slingbox, but after 2 minutes, I get the error again.  I am connecting to the Internet via Time Warner cable.  I have no problems connecting to my Slingbox using Slingbox Mobile on my cellphone.  So there is no connectivity issue with the actual Slingbox--the problem is clearly on the remote side of the equation.


            ps. On Saturday I was able to connect to Slingbox with zero problems, but  things went back to their problematic state Saturday night, and have  remained problematic sense.

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              i had the same issues with my remote over the weekend. i went thru the setup process and the remote issues were fixed. now i am unable to connect due to the a popup that tells me the password entered is incorrect. Please help!

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                Please be informed that at this point the Sling Accounts issues are fixed and the Slingbox should be working fine.


                If you're still having issues, please let us know so we can try to help you out.



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                    The issues have not been fixed for me. The same problem I've been having all weekend has not be resovled.


                    Every time I try to log on to my Slingbox, I get the message:


                    "There was a problem communicating with the Slingbox:


                    • Error: 0x92370001
                    • Context: 20
                    • Operation:110



                    Essentially, my Slingbox will not be recognized/connect with my network. I can connect to other slingboxes that are not on my home network, but not my own. I have reset every device on my network and all other devices that connect to it are working properly. Hitting the the reset button on the Slingbox, does nothing. I am completely at a loss as to what to try next.

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                      We have been unable to connect to our slingbox for 4 days now. When it goes to log on it says Initializing (like normal), Then it says Checking your account, please wait. At this point we get the new message, Auto-connecting to your slingbox. A screen then comes up that say The Slingbox View-Only password you typed is incoreect. Please re-enter it. (It also gives the option to Log in as Administrator)


                      One of the times I tried to log in I got a message about making sure that the slingbox is powered on and on the same network, etc.


                      We are in China, and our slingbox is in the US, so we cannot check the box itself for problems. Any ideas?

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                          I went thru the setup process again and that solved my issues. I was having the exact same issuses you were having. I had to plug an ethernet cord into my router to go thru the set up process. ever since I did this my slingbox has worked everytime. Hope this helps you.

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                          I am having the same issue described above (new "auto-connecting" message and prompt for password, subsequently rejected).  You suggested that we should let you know.  What is the most effective way to contact sling for this issue?



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                              In this case, you can try to clear the browsing history and even try from a different browser as a first step, now, if the issue is still the same after that, try to hard reset the Slingbox.


                              Once you do that, run the Setup Assistant from the beginning.


                              Also (and before you reset the Slingbox) make sure that the Slingbox is getting an IP address from the router, check network lights etc, to discard that as a potential issue.


                              In case you want to contact the Sling Media Technical Support to troubleshoot over the phone, then you can use the following link.


                              Contact the Sling Media Technical Support.



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                            Basically, my mom bought the Slingbox in Taiwan, and she can connect her laptop to the Slingbox in Taiwan. She wanted me to try to connect to it from Canada and see if it works, but it is not connecting, and shows the error message that I posted above. I tried connecting using the IP code input as well but it still doesn't connect, so I'm not sure what to do to make it connect.

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                              I'm having the same problem.  Slingplayer cannot connect to your slingbox.  Please make sure phone and Slingbox are connected to the internet and try again.  It started couple of days ago and I have not changed my router or modem(Comcast).

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                                  I'm having the same problem. SlingPlayer cannot connect to Slingbox!!!!!!!!!!! On my iPhone with  the new operating system iOS 5.0.1. From my home PC it connects fine so i know the box is working.  The message on my iPhone is "SlingPlayer cannot connect to your Slingbox. Please make sure your phone and Slingbox are connected to the Internet and try again". My phone is connected to and so is the Slingbox. It has worked great since I got it and now it quit working since the download of iOS 5.0.1  How long before the fix and update for the app will be ready I use it every week end. COMCAST is my Cable.

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                                  Same problem everyone else is reporting.


                                  My slingbox is in the USA, I am in China. 


                                  When I cannot log in, I ask my brother in the US to turn the box off and back on again.  That always fixes the problem - for a day or two.  Then it will repeat.  He is getting tired of going down in the basement to reset.

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                                    I have not been able to connect to my Slingbox since the last update was downloaded!


                                    The network light is not showing and the power light is blinking slowly.


                                    I have tried pressing the reset button for five seconds and more but nothing happens!!

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                                      None of the suggestions listed here worked for me, and still mine has been out for days. Seems to be an overwhelming amount of users not being able to connect to their slingbox's. Are we positive this is not a sling.com issue again? Seems rather odd

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                                        Did you get this issue resolved as I am having the same issue

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                                          I'm getting this same error , Context:20, Operation: 105, Error: 0x8007274C.

                                          Are you saying Sling have done something which has effectively bricked the box?  I haven't changed any of my router settings and I can't connect from my computer or iPhone, it's like it's no longer on the network.


                                          I've just switched cables between this and my WDTV box and it's not made any difference, and it appears to be the box rather than the router.


                                          I just took a little more notice of the lights at the front and the power light is on but when I switched the box on and off not only was the network light the same as before (ie off) but it didn't 'blink' for the first 30 secs at all.


                                          I also don't seem to be able to reset the box, I pushed the button but it doesn't actually move, and doesn't appear to do anything else either.

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                                              same problem here - my box has been non functional now since October or November - network light wont go on and I checked and rechecked every single connection and did a reset of the box.  NOTHING.  anyone have any helpful advice?

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                                                  Got a similar problem, my slingbox has stopped talking to the bridge... just won;t connect, everything else will, the bridge works fine.

                                                  When i plug the slingbox direct into the router all is good... but just can;t get it to connect through the wireless bridge... it did, and then it stopped.


                                                  Any ideas?

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                                                Add me to the list of people whose Slingboxes cannot connect. I have a Slingbox solo. It was working just fine. Then -- it stopped. Some postings on the forum suggested a power supply problem, so I bought a replacement from Sling. That didn't change anything. The Solo is seen on the router and is given an IP address. I have done a factory reset (about ten times). I've goe through the port-forwarding protocol. Whether trying to set it up with the Slingplayer or over the internet, "My Slingbox" is seen but I cannot connect to it, and it times out with an error message.


                                                Sling does not seem to be responsive here. The unit is 8 months old (replaced an earlier one that died) and has been working perfectly until know. Based on phone calls with Sling last time, they will tell me they'll only talk to me if I pay them, despite the obvious fact that I and so many others are having this issue because of some defect in the equipment.


                                                So ... any suggestions on how I can get them to honor the hardware warranty without having to pay them first to repeat every test and set-up attempt that I and my son, who is a computer engineer, have already gone through?