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    BT Total Broadband and Sling Echostar HDR600RS




      Currently on $ky broadband and have a 650k upload. Was thinkin of moving to BT Total Broadband Option 1. Even though there is a download limit of 10GB, would my slinging to work and overseas  push me over the limit ? I sling approx 5 hours a day when overseas which is most of the time. Will be moving overseas permanently soon and will be slinging 5hrs per day/ 365.


      Not sure if there is an Upload limit with BT Option 1 or if Slinging has any impact if you are not on an unlimited package. Sling used to say that slinging was exempt years ago.


      Any ideas ? BT dont seem to know. The Fibre optic option looks great with 10Mbps upload speed and 40Mbps download. That would be near broadcast quality.