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    Is the Double IR Firing problem limited to Slingbox Solo


      I recently purchased a Slingbox Solo for use with a Linksys DMA-2100 Media Center Extender.   I am having the double firing problem dsecribed elsewhere in this forum (two ir commands sent for one button press).   I did find a custom remote for my extender and installed that and this seemed to make it a little better, but not perfect.   The problem is that the custom remote only works for the Slingplayer desktop software - and I bought the player for use with an iPhone/iPad.


      I see several instances of this problem posted in the Solo forum, but nothing indicating a hardware problem in the Pro-HD forum. 


      Does anyone know if this problem is specific to the Solo hardware?   I am still within my return period for the Solo and could upgrade to the Pro-HD if that is likely to resolve the issue.


      Thank you.