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    Sling Box died and came back to life


      I have a slingbox HD and while on vacation I lost the ability to watch my box while away from homw.  When I returned home I found Power light on, no network lite and the "U" on all the time, and not able to reset at all. .  After a bit of troubleshooting I worked with support on getting a new power supply which arrived in 3 days .  Install it reset everythin and it now works fine just as before.  Thank you support, My slingbox is back.



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          Hi Poppie69,


          Glad to hear the Slingbox is working again. Sometimes when you have network issues and you are not able to reset the unit, replacing the power supply should fix this behavior of the Slingbox. Thanks for posting your results since this thread will help other users to fix their issues.




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