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    Double IR command question


      First, a short background:  I recently purchased a Slingbox Solo for use with a Linksys DMA-2100 Media Center Extender.   I am having trouble with the IR sending each command twice making navigation/channel changing difficult.   I found several threads in the Solo section indicating that this is a known problem and offering a partial solution through the use of a custom remote control.    I have tried this, and while better, it did not completely solve my problem.  Also, it only addresses the problem only when using the Slingplayer software - and not the iphone app, which is why I bought the Slingbox in the first place.


      Second - my question.... Is this problem specific to the Solo - and not a problem on the Pro-HD?   


      I looked through the Pro-HD unit forum for a similar complaints and found only a couple of mentions - and no specific mention of a design issue such as that mentioned in the Solo unit.


      I am still within my return period for the Solo - and may swap it out for an Pro-HD if that would resolve this issue.


      Thank you.