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    Can't add Slingbox ID to Sling Account

    jamesmccourt Novice

      Thanks. this doesn't really help me as my brother is watching successfully on Safari at home on his network. However the Slingbox internal system is preventing us from registering the ID so we can't add it to watch remotely (he is in the UK and I am in the US with no Slingbox access- see attached image). I am so frustrated with this. How long will it take to fix????  Thanks.

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          Hi jamesmccourt - I've moved this discussion to the appropriate subcommunity as it was off-topic from the previous conversation about Mac Firefox 8.


          We're still working on the intermittent Sling Account issues that are affecting some customers today, and there have been some steady improvements. If you're having difficulty adding a Slingbox to a Sling Account, I'd suggest trying again now - be sure you're using one of the supported browser and OS combos listed here.


          Thanks for the screenshot, btw. Apologies for the inconvenience - keep checking the front page of the forums for updates.



          Sling Support

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              jamesmccourt Novice

              I get error code 213. My brother in the UK did complete installation as he was watching remotely on his home network. The call center representitive even checked his lap top by accessing his computer but I still am able to connect here. Should my brother re-boot the Slingbox or will he then have to reinstall it on his Mac?


              As I mentioned I STILL haven't been able to watch anything remotely after 3 days of trying and this was the purpose of the purchase.



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              Slingbox is in Directory when in WATCH (works on PC), but is not in Sling Accounts and I cannot add it (even when i save it from Slingbox Directory).  Also, because it is not registering in my Sling Account, i cannot get it to work on my iPad nor am i able to add the Slingbox ID.