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    remote control for Sling Player


      I have a Sling Pro HD. I hook my PC on to my TV in my place far away from home.

      I can watch all my home channels using the remote control on my PC screen in

      the Sling Player.  The problem I dnt want to use my PC when I am switching channels.

      I would like to use a remote control to control my SLING Player on my PC when I am

      switching channels. Is this available ??

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          nuspieds Newbie

          I know your pain, as I was once in that situation and there's no getting comfortable lying down on the sofa with a keyboard!


          I, too, searched for some sort of PC keyboard remote, but no luck.   However, I did find a practical solution--similar but much better than the wireless keyboard I was using on my sofa...I ended up buying myself a mini keyboard, the Logitech diNovo Mini.  Check it out:




          It fits into the palm of your hand and has backlit keys.  It works really great and is definitely much more comfortable to lie down with than a full-sized keyboard!