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    Remote for Digicorder S2 HD PLUS - Twin Tuner



      i bought the Slingbox PRO HD. I have a Technisat Digicorder S2 HD PLUS, a HD twin tuner.

      the remote for the receiver is not available out of the box so i took the remote for Digicorder S2 (SAT1).

      that seemed to be the only of the digicorder ones that at least will let me switch channels.

      however some buttons are not working like the RECORD or PAUSE button.


      Issue 1: can someone give me the files for the remote ?


      Issue 2: I tried to add custom remotes like described in the txt files coming with the custom remote files.

      the application does not let me click NEXT after selecting MISCELaneous... and the Custom files do not appear in the dropdown as well.

      so i really cannot get any custom file to work so far.


      issue 3: my slingbox uses the same tuner as the tv does. is it possible that the slingbox uses the second tuner so i can watch on TV and sliongbox different programs ?



      can custom files for remotes also be added via the browser setup mechanism of the Slingbox or just via the Windows software ?


      i am relly new to this but already tested some stuff noted here.

      my box is working... video and audio... nice.


      but that remote thing is killing me.



      for your support