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    Slingplayer for lg smart tv


      Does anyone know if they will be making it possible to use the slingplayer through an lg smart tv? I know they are doing it for the google tv, but wasn't sure if that would continue and become available for the lg smart tv. Someone please help.

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          That is a great question. Anyone?

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            Yes Please hurry up and release an app for LG smart tvs...  ill buy it.  It will be a great leap for Slingmedia to have their app on allsmart TVs -, I am sure it will one of the best apps and boost slingplayer sales. Come on Slingmedia you are missing a trick here.


            PS. try not to base it on the iphone app.. its poor compared to a pc app and full remote.  You could perhaps pair it with the iphone/smart phone "LGTV remote" ap so that a new iphone/smart phone emulates the source device remote and controls it via the tv connection.