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    Two Slingbox HD's Hooked Up.... But


      ... Only one can be setup for internet access.


      Hi folks, hope you can help.  I originally had one slingbox setup for me to watch when I travel on business.  Worked great.


      My brother asked me to purchase and setup a second slingbox (HD) for him while he's traveling.


      Set his up with no problem and he can see/watch it.


      On my local network at the house, I can see and play both slingboxes.


      But then I tried to access MY slingbox outside of the local network - no go


      I then tried to access the new slingbox, outside of the local network - worked good


      So, pray tell, what is wrong?


      I try to do the internet setup on the first slingbox and it says it can't...

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          It's probably a port-forwarding issue. If you have multiple slingboxes on the same network each one will have to have its own port assigned to it.  5001 is the default port; just change one of the slingboxes to port 5002 and configure your router to accept inbound traffic on the new port.