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    Windows XP & I-Phone 3G-S


      I just registered/signed up with Sling Box, & am getting a pop upe messag saying I can't run it on my lap top with Winows XP? True??

      Can I run it on my I-Phone 3G-S?? If so, do I just Google Sling Box on my phone & sign in.

      I am a neophyte with this so I'm swinging in the dark.

      Thanks for any help.

        • Re: Windows XP & I-Phone 3G-S

          Hi, gjustice


          It seems that you are having some issues in order to set up your Slingbox for the first time.


          The cause root is that the Windows XP Operating System is no longer supported. The following link will allow you to get all the information about the supported Operating System (OS) and web browser versions.


          What browsers are supported by Watch on Slingbox.com?


          Once you update the OS on your computer, you can set up your Slingbox for Internet Viewing using the Manual Configuration. This way, you will be able to get the remote connection when running the SlingPlayer for iPhone on your Mobile device through your Sling Account. The following links will provide you with all the information about the SlingPlayer for iPhone and the Sling Account.




          All about your Sling Account