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    Slingbox Solo ghosting problem "solved".


      I have a brand new Solo.  Hooked to internet through a powerline adapter system.  Video hooked up to DirecTV R22 box with component cables.  Picture was ghosting.  Switched to composite cables.  Still ghosted.  Was told by phone support tech that it was because I was not using Slingbox's official SlingLink powerline adapter.  Hmmm....


      Switched back to component cables and searched this forum.


      Found a fix involving disabling VMR.  I could not find a way to do that using the web version, not a stand alone application.


      Sooooo.....  I clicked Options/Video Input.  Component was selected.  I selected Composite.  Waited for video to go away (sound keeps playing).  Then re-selected Component.




      To whomever this helps:  You're welcome.


      To Slingbox: Please fix this bug.


      Windows XP SP3