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    Link to SlingSync Software


      I know SlingSync is in Beta for Windows - but I cannot seem to find the link to the SlingSync download.

      Can you please post it. (Windows lists the version as 1.0.056 is this the latest?)

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          Hello SimpleHDUser,


          Thanks for participating in the Slingbox Answers Forum!

          The SlingSync was a Beta application that is not supported anymore but you can download it from this site;




          If this doesn't help, please let us know. The more details and information can provide, the better we (the forum community and Sling Media) can help.


          Kind Regards,

          The Slingbox Answers Forum Moderation Team

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              BTW: the little video on slingcather still mentions slingsync. so if it is no longer supported... well...  (just my opinion)


              plus it would be nice to have a non-supported section. These things just stop being on the site, but there is never a pre-announcement, etc. And some of us still use them.   (again, just my opinion)

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                hi, it seems this link no longer points to the slingsync software.  is there an updated link anywhere? or can someone post it here?

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                  this link does not work  i use to have a black disk with my original SlingCatcher purchase that included SlingSync is there any place to obtain a copy of that disk

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                    As someone else also stated, this link no longer works.


                    I fully understand that the software is no longer supported, but I really would like to download this software. Can you please provide an updated link to download this?


                    Its a shame that the Sling Catcher is no longer supported. It s a great piece of hardware that still comes with me every time I travel!

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                        can someone from Sling support please respond to this question? I think there are a lot of long term loyal sling cutomers that would also like to download the sling sync software. We understand it is still beta and will not be supported in the future, but it was a very handy utility and I wish I still had it installed. When I upgraded to a new PC I lost the disc...

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                            bobg8zwf Newbie

                            I can confirm that SlingSync software works absolutely fine on my Windoze 7 64bit pc.



                            I can access the USB hard disk attached into my SlingCatcher and upload files onto it via LAN.


                            I am not using the SlingSync file conversion option,  it is really very slow. Better to use other software.


                            But for getting files onto the SlingCatcher, it is great!


                            Sling media, can I request that you officially make SlingSync software available again, (and put slingcatcher back into production). Both very useful!