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    Slingbox solo network light never comes on


      My slingbox was working perfectly for about 8-9 months, then one day, it just stopped working for no apparant reason. The network light is now not on, nor does it flash when the slingbox is restarted, unplugged or hard reset. The power light stays on but no other lights either blink or come on at all. I have checked everything a million times, and uninstalled everything and started from scratch, but no matter what, the slingbox "cannot be found on the network". Nothing has changed regarding the setup, no cables or firewalls etc. I have even tried a new ethernet cable.


      I have read on the slingbox website that the lights are meant to blink after a hard reset but mine dont, the power light just stays on throughout and the network light remains off.


      Can anything be done or is it just broken?