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    SlingBox Solo with V+HD - Most channels can't be viewed


      I see from the forums that many people seem to have their SlingBox Pro working fine with a virgin (Samsung) V+HD box via the VCR SCART socket.


      I have connected mine in the same way and it is streaming fine, but I only seem to be able to view a small proportion of the available channels. For example BBC1/2, ITV and C4 are all fine, but I cant view most of the other channels, when I change to Sky 1 or Dave or Gold for example, all I see is a black screen.  These are not HD channels and I have the full Virgin TV XL package so I am entitle to these channels.


      If I navigate to these channles using the actual TV remote I can view them on the TV, but not streamed to the Slingbox.


      Anyne else out there seeing this?  Am I limited to just the 'FreeSat' type channels via the SCART socket for example?