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    Slingview/Browser Works Fine...SlingCatcher not


      I have two Sling boxes in two different locations.


      I can communicate with both just fine using the browser-based approach.


      I just installed a SlingCatcher (HW Version 00010001, SW Version  It is using a DHCP IP address and logs into my Sling Account just fine but it will not connect either to the local Slingbox (which is on the same LAN) nor to a remote one - again, I can watch both of my Slingboxes just fine using Internet Explorer and the plug-in.


      The error message I get from the SlingCatcher is:


      "Sorry, the SlingCatcher could not connect to this Slingbox due to a network error.  Please try again."


      Routers in both locations are setup to forward port 5001 to the Slingbox.