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    Another Remote Problem.

    Anniel Newbie

      I have recently upgraded my TV and my Sky Box. I now have Sky HD. Firstly, when I tried to set up my Slingbox pro, my Sky HD model number was not in the list. After browsing around, I saw a suggestipm to put "SKY" and then "other" in the model in model box.


      That took me to the next page where I tried every one of the codes to try to switch the slingbox off, but none worked. I then tried Custom option and put in S1123 as the code. This gave no  no joy.


      The Sky HD Box I have is an Amstrad DRX 890 which is not in the options list.


      I have tried everything I can think of to get the Slingbox remote to work, but I am now out of ideas.


      Can some kind person help me?