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    SlingPlayer Mobile set-up please Help...


      I won't get too technical with my question. Basically my slingplayer mobile will not connect through my IP connection or Sling ID# either.

      I had to manually configure my router, works fine on a computer and WiFi home network connection.

      On my cell phone connection, pops up "cannot connect".

      I've plugged in the same settings that I used to manually configure my router, i.e.  IP address, port, alias and used the same password

      for my sling account. No luck...? I've also reinstalled mobile several times.......

      Am I not inputting the manual IP settings for mobile correctly ?



      Signed Lost on the World Wide Web.

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          Hi mattr592,


          What I understand from your post, is that you're having problems connecting from the SlingPlayer Mobile.


          In this case, and before providing any answer, please provide more information about the issue that you're having, for example, network layout, network that you're using to connect, port that you're using, port forwarding protocols (TCP/UDP), etc.


          That way you will be able to receive a proper response from the forum users.



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              I thought I covered my question in the first post.

              I had to portforward my router to get my slingbox to connect.

              Previously I did not have to do this as I had a modem from my ISP.

              The portforwarding works fine with an outside internet connection.

              Sling mobile does not connect, pops up unable to connect no specific error.

              I used the same IP settings for mobile as I used for an outside internet connection.

              I think this may be the problem, the connection is crashing on the same port.

              Do I have to make a different port setup for "slingmobile" seperate from the outside

              internet connection. Obviously they will not connect on the same port settings.

              But, my sling box has only one port ?

              It's begining to look like I may need to purchase another sling box to get mobile to connect.

              I will try and contact my ISP to give me a static IP address and try and port forward again.

              Has anyone else had this problem with slingmobile after portforwarding ?

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                  Hi, mattr592


                  Most of the times, this issue will arise if you ran the Automatic Configuration for Internet Viewing.


                  This means that you need to run the Setup Assistant for Internet Viewing one more time but this time, you need to run the Manual Configuration instead of the Automatic Configuration.


                  If you do not know how to, just check this link and follow the indications.


                  Slingbox SOLO Manual Setup


                  Once you have applied the required steps, you should not have further issues with the SlingPlayer for Mobile devices.