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    Slingbox SOLO setup issue resolved


      This post is for those of you who have run into the issue of trying to set up your Slingbox, to then get stuck on the "Initializing.." screen in step 1 and go no further.   I wanted to post this ridiculously easy solution.  Apprently the slingbox setup program is NO LONGER SUPPORTED and DOES NOT WORK on XP.  I spent way too many hours resetting my router, resetting the slingbox, swapping out power supplies, eliminating any and all virus software, removing firewalls, changing PC's (unfortunately both were XP machines)...  You name it, and I tried it.  Simple solution was to use a NON windows XP machine.  Hopefully now when some searches for a solution, they will find this.  If there is another article that discusses this, let me know because I searched high and low and couldn't find anything discussing this....

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          thank you for taking the time to write this. I am experienceing many issues and thought it might be related but unfortunately doesnt help my slingbox issue, i get past initializing setup area only to get to the "cannot find your slingbox on the network" line